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Signature Moves
Clone Jutsu / Bunshin no Jutsu, Art of Doppleganger
Naruto tosses a giant shuriken (the "Fuuma", or "Demon Wind" Shuriken) at the opponent. The opponent leaps into the air and dodges the shuriken, but after the shuriken has passed the foe, it transforms into a clone of Naruto and fires a volley of kunai at his or her back. If this first sequence is successful, Naruto summons a plethora of clones, punching the enemy into the air and leaping off of one of the clones' backs with a somersault. The clones kick the foe up further, chanting "Na-Ru-To!" The opponent flies high enough to meet up with the actual Naruto, who performs a striking heel strike that knocks the opponent to the ground, shouting "Uzumaki Barrage!" If this sequence is successful, Naruto transforms into a bunch of attractive, scantily clad blonde girls, declaring that is his "Harem Jutsu", and the opponent is launched backward by eroticism. Iruka then comes and chastises Naruto with a bonk on the head.

Demon Wind Bomb
Naruto hops into the air and tosses a giant shuriken (the "Fuuma", or "Demon Wind" Shuriken at the opponent. If it connects, the shuriken will transform into a copy of Naruto and punch the foe in the face, then disappear.

Instinct of the Beast
An extensive auto-combo, ending with a Maiden Masher-esque ground attack and then a punt.

New Knockout Move!
Naruto summons a clone, and the clone swirls its hands over Naruto's open palm, creating a whirling ball of wind and chakra known as the Rasengan. Naruto slams his foe with the Rasengan, knocking them flying into a large boulder. If this sequence is successful, Naruto creates a second Rasengan, this time, one that is glowing with red energy, knocking the foe into the air with it. After this, Naruto transforms into his Kyuubi form.

Nine-Tail Chakra
Naruto calls upon the power of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox within him, causing a red aura to surround him. This increases his speed and attack.

Naruto summons a clone and holds out his palm. The clone swirls his hands around Naruto's open palm, creating a ball mixed of chakra and wind. Naruto then thrusts forward and slams it into his opponent, sending him or her spiraling off.

Sexy Jutsu / Ninja Centerfold, Oiroke no Jutsu
Naruto dashes forward a bit and rams his opponent with his elbow. If this connects, he transforms into an attractive, scantily-clad blonde girl, then blows a kiss. This damages the foe.

Summoning / Kuchiyose no Jutsu
Naruto bites his thumb and performs some hand signs, drawing a pattern on the ground with his blood in an attempt to summon Gamabunta. However, he only manages to summon a tadpole. Seeing his opponent in shock, Naruto takes the opportunity to punch his enemy in the face. If this first sequence is successful, Naruto attempts the summon again. This time he summons a small toad, Gamakichi. Gamakichi leaps on the opponent's face to distract them, then hops away as Naruto kicks the foe to the ground. If this sequence is successful, Naruto finally summons Gamabunta, the Boss Toad. Gamabunta unsheathes his sword and strikes the foe with it. If this sequence is successful, Gamabunta appears again, but this time the Fourth Hokage is standing on top of him. Gamabunta attacks the foe with a hand swipe, knocking them into the air, and then Fourth Hokage dashes up and strikes them with a leaping Shungokusatsu-type move.

Super Pressure / Kuchiyose: Yatai Kuzushi no Jutsu
Naruto summons a giant toad with twin swords strapped to its back (Gamahiro), which falls on top of the foe, crushing him or her.

The Nine-Tail
Naruto looks inside himself, seeing the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed behind a gate and asks for its assistance. The Fox unleashes its power within Naruto, allowing him to deliver a massively powerful punch to the opponent.

If this sequence is successful, Naruto focuses his energy and further taps into the Fox's power, coating him with a flaming red aura. Naruto performs a powerful uppercut to his opponent that knocks them high into the air.

After this move is completed, Naruto is transformed into his Nine-Tailed Fox Unleashed form, which boosts his strength for a short time, in exchange for not being unable to perform Super Moves.

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