Iron Man (Marvel vs Capcom 3) says...
Just the arm? Why, can't afford the rest of the suit?
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Fighting Vipers
Throw Moves
Kotsuban Wari (back)+
Elevates his opponent from behind, to then make him land violently on his supporting knee.
Setsuna Otoshi ++
Begins with a "Kabenage" and ends with a "Kotsuban Wari".
Basic Moves
Konjou Hiji +
Strong elbow strike which sends the opponent far away.
Tetsuzankou ++
Sharp shoulder blow which sends the opponent far away.
Super Straight +
Strong front punch which sends the opponent far away.
Dragon Upper +
Bahn executes a Shoryuken-like uppercut.
Double Dragon Upper +
Adds another uppercut to the move.
Hiji Tetsuzan +++
Combo of 2 elbow strikes which send the opponent far away.

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