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Signature Moves
Jaguar Assassin
Ends the combo with a multi-hit Rising Jaguar.

Jaguar Carry
Adon hooks a leg around his foe and kicks them off.

Jaguar Kick
Adon's leaping arc heel kick.

Jaguar Revolver
Repeated Jaguar Kicks.

Jaguar Slam
Leg throw.

Jaguar Thousand
Ends the combo with a flurry of blows.

Jaguar Tooth
Adon leaps to the wall behind him and rebounds with a straight jumpkick at an angle.

Jaguar Varied Assault
Elbow autocombo followed by rising kicks. At level 3 (or in X-ism) can be followed up with rapid punches or repeated Rising Jaguars.

Jutting Kick
Up-forward kick.

Rising Jaguar
One or two rising knee strikes.

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