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Signature Moves
4 Armed Grab
Kintaro slides toward his opponent and grabs them, slamming them on the opposite side.

Down Fireball
Kintaro spits a fireball downward diagonally.

Fiery Hands
Kintaro tosses a fireball from his four hands.

Flame Breath
Kintaro blows a steady steam of fire from his mouth.

Quad Rip
Kintaro grabs his opponent's arms with his top hands and legs with his bottom hands. He pulls at the opponent's limbs until he pulls their body into four pieces.

Scorch Breath / Fireball
Kintaro shoots a fireball from his mouth.

Shokan Roar
Kintaro faces the screen and roars whilst stretching his arms outward.

Shokan Smash
Kintaro punches his opponent in the gut with both bottom fists, smashes their skull with a top fist on either side of their head, then grabs them by the face and punches them away.

Kintaro raises an arm and growls.

Teleport Stomp / Stomp
Kintaro leaps up and off of the screen and comes back down on top of the foe, stomping them into the ground.

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