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Signature Moves
Body Tear
Kai lifts his opponent above his head and begins pulling, eventually tearing the opponent at the waist before slamming their halves on the ground.

Downward Fire Blast
Kai fires a fireball at the ground, which comes back up in the opponent's relative position.

Draw Weapon
Draws Kai's weapon, or if it's already drawn, throws it. Default weapon is a Ghurka Knife.

Fire From Above
Kai fires a fireball straight up, which comes back down at the opponent's relative position.

Kai peforms an upside-down spin kick.

Kai flips onto his hands and fights in a handstand position. Pressing @term=blck@ makes him stand back up on his feet.

Kai levitates and hurls a fireball that takes off the opponent's head.

Renegade Kick
Powerful knockdown roundhouse kick.

Rising Heel
Ducking high kick, pops up.

Square Wave Punch
Kai leaps into the air and dashes forward slightly with a punch before returning to the ground.

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