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Signature Moves
Mileena removes her mask and looks into a hand mirror, which breaks.

Feral Woman
Mileena removes her veil and charges at the foe, biting into their neck until their head comes off.

Flesh Eater
Mileena removes her mask and inhales the opponent into her mouth, then turns around and spits out their bones.

Kick From Above / Teleport Kick, Teleport Drop
Mileena descends through the stage's floor and reappears in the air to deliver a nasty jump kick.

Rivet Spit
Removing her mask, Mileena dumps a cup full of rivets into her mouth and spits them out at the opponent.

Rolling Thunder / Ground Roll, Ball Roll
Mileena curls up into a ball and rolls across the ground, injuring the foe upon impact.

Sai Kick
Mileena tosses her sai up in the air, and as they come down to appropriate level, she kicks them, sending the sai flying into the enemy.

Smelly Skunk
Mileena transforms into a skunk and sprays her opponent, who then drops dead.

Soaring Sai / Sai Throw, Sai Toss, Sai Blast
Mileena throws a pair of sai.

Tomoe Nage
Mileena grips her opponent and falls backwards, kicking them away.

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