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Signature Moves
Double Jump
Second jump in the air.

Flip Kick
Followup to Youen Kyaku (only if Youen Kyaku hit the opponent).

Gohten / 轟天
Rising spinning claw attack.

Higoromo / 氷衣
Mezu enters a meditative stance while ice crystals orbit around him. After a moment they fly outwards.

Jaga Rangeki Kyaku / 邪呀乱撃脚
Enhanced Youen Kyaku, rapid kicks with massive energy bursts.

Mikka Tsuki / 三日月
A claw-swipe crescent projectile. Unlike Gozu, Mezu can't do this in the air.

Mudoh Suiryuuha / 無道水流波
In Savage Reign, Mezu surrounds himself with water and can control left/right movement. Touching the opponent traps them in his whirlpool. In Kizuna, Mezu emits a fast-moving patch of water that envelops the opponent in a waterspout.

Mudoh Tenrinsou / 無道転輪爪
Bounce off the wall into rolling claw attack.

Ryuuhyou Dan / 流氷弾
An ice pellet shot into the ground that creates four successive ice pillars.

Youen Kyaku / 陽炎脚
Rapid kicks. Can be followed up on hit. Also acts as Mezu's guard cancel with @term=qcf@+@term=abtn@.

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