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Signature Moves
Beat Plane
Beat transforms into an aeronautical transport, which MegaMan rides inside. The Beat Plane can be moved in any direction. Any Punch fires bullets, and Any Kick drops grenades.

Eddie Yobi / Eddie Reserve
Eddie the Flip-Top appears and opens his lid, dropping an item based on which strength attack is used. Light Kick summons Rockball, Medium Kick summons Tornado Hold, and Hard Kick summons Leaf Shield. These items can be collected when touched, and may be collected by any MegaMan or Roll in play.

Hyper MegaMan
MegaMan temporarily transforms into a larger, more mature-looking version of himself (looking like a beefed-up MegaMan X) and fires off a gamut of guns, lasers, and missiles before returning to his normal form. Rapidly tapping the attacks used to perform the move increases damage.

Item Tougeki / Item Attack
MegaMan performs a different attack depending on which item he has collected from the Eddie Yobi move. The default attack is Tornado Hold. Rockball produces a soccer ball-like weapon that can be kicked around the arena and strike opponents with. It rebounds when it hits a solid object or screen edge. Tornado Hold sees MegaMan throwing a small fan that produces a large tornado that travels a little bit. Leaf Shield summons a circling ring of leaves around MegaMan, which absorbs a single hit from an attack - including super moves. The shield disappears upon the attack contacting MegaMan/the shield, or after a few seconds. Performing Item Tougeki while the Leaf Shield is in play will launch it as a projectile.

Magnetic Shockwave
MegaMan unleashes a shockwave of energy across the floor.

Mega Buster
MegaMan fires off a blast from his arm cannon. This attack can be charged to create a larger blast.

Mega Upper / Mega Uppercut
MegaMan performs a Dragon Punch-like uppercut.

Rush Drill
Rush transforms into a drill tank, in which MegaMan rides inside. The drill is capable of damaging the opponent. Forward and backward move the tank, while Up Forward and Up Backward allows the Rush Drill to jump in those directions. Any Punch or Any Kick speeds the Rush Drill forward, but does not increase damage done by the drill.

Sankaku Tobi / Triangle Jump
MegaMan bounces against the edge of the screen to increase the height and width of his jump.


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