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Signature Moves
Bison Warp
Deadly Throw
Bison's basic body toss.

Devil Reverse
Bison flies as in Head Press, but instead of stomping descends for a psycho-chop.

Double Knee Press / Scissors Kick
Bison turns a front flip and kicks out at his enemy.

Head Press
Bison leaps at his opponent's head, bounces off then turns for an optional Somersault Skull Diver with @term=anypunch@.

Knee Press Nightmare / Scissors Kick Knightmare
Bison does a couple multi hit knee presses.

Mega Psycho Crusher
Bison rears back, then delivers an even more illustrious Psycho Crusher.

Psycho Crusher
Bison lances forward, bathed in psycho power.

Psycho Punisher
Bison grabs his opponent by the head and fills his fist with Psycho Power. He then punches their stomach and allows the charged Psycho Power to "burst" through them.

Psycho Shot
A chunky projectile.

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