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King of Fighters 2002, The
Throw Moves
[Normal] Crow's Wing (close)/+ [Preview]
[Normal] Swan Circle (close)/+ [Preview]
Command Moves
Henshin ++ [Preview]
[Hero] Sliding + [Preview]
[Hero] Hero Uke + [Preview]
Special Moves
[Hero] May Lee Break (close)+ [Preview]
[Hero] May Lee Cho~p! + [Preview]
[Hero] Shining Thunder Blow + [Preview]
[Hero] Full Swing Chop + [Preview]
[Normal] Blazing Intercept + [Preview]
[Normal] Lightning Needle + [Preview]
[Normal] Spinning Edge [Preview]
[Normal] Into Sky + [Preview]
[Normal] Surprise Air + [Preview]
[Normal] Surprise Air Finish + [Preview]
[Normal] Dinosaur's Footprint + [Preview]
[Normal] Leaping Swordfish + [Preview]
[Normal] Blazing Intercept + [Preview]
[Normal] Approaching Beetle [Preview]
Desperation Moves
[Hero] May Lee Dynamic (in air)+ [Preview]
[Normal] Gauze Tail Tinkerbell + [Preview]
Super Desperation Moves
[Hero] May The End ++ [Preview]
[Hero HSDM] Key of Victory [Preview]
[Normal] Disposition Frog +,+,++ [Preview]

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