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Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe
Special Moves
Strength of Hercules
Rushing lightning punch.
Mercury Bear Hug
Captain Marvel rushes forward and lifts his opponent up in a bear hug from behind and summons a ligh ...
Power of Zeus / Bolt of Zeus
Captain Marvel hurls a lightning javelin.
Atlas Clap
Handclap shockwave.
Achilles Bolt
Captain Marvel backs away as he summons a lightning bolt from the sky.
Solomon Escape (air)
Captain Marvel flies straight up, then appears from below and behind the foe.
Fatal Moves
The Old Wizard's Gift
Captain Marvel sends his opponent skyward with a lightning uppercut, then summons a lightning bolt w ...
Ground Plant (close)
Captain Marvel grabs his opponent and sticks them into the ground, their legs dangling out of the cr ...

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