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Signature Moves
Cape / Super Mantle
Mario snaps his cape from Super Mario World at the foe and spins them around. This attack can also reflect projectiles.

Mario uses a water spraygun (Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device) to push the enemy back. Mario will equip it and begin charging upon button press, and then shoot it upon second press. The water does no damage but has massive priority and cuts through most projectiles. The few moves that can outprioritize the water causes the attacking foe to have major hitlag. It also delivers double knockback against Charizard and less knockback to Ivysaur.

Shoot bouncing balls of fire horizontally, which bounce along the ground and obstacles. They vanish as they slow.

Mario Finale
Mario charges up and releases two massive fireballs that twist around like a helix.

Mario Tornado
Engulf opponents in a high-speed spin. Tap B while attacking to float up.

Super Jump Punch
Attack opponents while jumping or leap to get back to the stage. Coins erupt from the attack upon contact.

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