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Signature Moves
Asa Kujaku
Guy opens his Eighth Chakra Gate, then dashes to the foe, kicking them into the air with a flaming roundhouse. He then leaps into the air and pelts them with flaming punches.

Dynamic Entry
Guy performs a rushing horizontal jump kick.

Eighth Gate
Guy opens his Eighth Chakra Gate, allowing him to have more powerful attacks and greater speed.

Forbidden Taijutsu
Guy kicks his opponent a couple of times, then strikes them with a double downward shuto (knife hand) that crashes them into the ground.

If this sequence is successful, Guy uppercuts his foe into the air, then rockets up next to them and performs a Primary Lotus.

Guy-Style Taijutsu
Guy summons Ningame, a ninja tortoise, and kicks him at the opponent. Ningame pulls into his shell and spins into the opponent, grinding his shell against them and sending them both flying into the sky. A bunch of fireworks explode, including one that erupts in the shape of Ningame's face. Ningame then lands on the ground, bouncing on his carapace before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

If this sequence is successful, as the opponent is preparing to hit the ground, Guy leaps into the air and proclaims "If I can't strike one-hundred blows before falling, it's two-hundred push-ups for me!" Guy proceeds to strike his opponent many times very quickly, with a combo meter showing in the corner. He only gets as far as ninety-nine, and thus, he is next seen beginning his push-ups.

Leaf Whirlwind
Guy does a sweep kick that forms a tornado around him.

Primary Lotus / Omote Renge
Guy kicks his opponent up into the air, then leaps into the air next to them, grabbing them and performing a spinning piledriver that slams the foe into the ground.

Severe Leaf Hurricane
Guy's 2-hit leaping spin kick with tornado effect.

The Eight Gates
Guy opens his eight chakra gates, causing his skin to turn blood-red, his eyes to go blank, and his hair to stand up. He kicks the foe into the air, then leaps into the air and spins like a top, driving down into them, crashing them into the ground.

If this sequence is successful, Guy performs a super-quick dashing clotheslines and tosses the enemy into the air. He rockets into the air, combos them quicker than the player can see, then strikes them into the ground.

Following the completion of either sequence, Guy remains for some time in his "Eight Gates" state, increasing his speed and attack power.

Vigorous Flail
Guy busts out a pair of nunchaku and whips it back and forth 16 times, then ends with a Dynamic Entry.

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