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Signature Moves
Carnival Spin / Klock Kick
Standing flip kick.

Flipping Heel Kick / Kartwheel
Cartwheel flip kick.

Flying Flurry / Flying Fists
Rushing jump punches

Head Detonator
Li Mei uppercuts her opponent's head off, then kicks it as it comes back down, driving it into the opponent's decapitated body, which then explodes.

Nova Blast / Sparkler
Shining projectile attack

Piercing Kick
Li Mei thrusts her foot through the opponent's gut and out their back. She leaves it there for a few seconds before redrawing it, then watches momentarily as the foe stumbles around before she destroys their head with a second kick.

You're Already Dead
Li Mei rapidly punches her opponent, then takes a couple of steps back to watch them explode a few seconds later.

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