Vega (Street Fighter Alpha 3) says...
While I taste my victory, you will agonize in defeat.
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Signature Moves
Gloomy Puppet Show
Lilith tosses a top hat at her foe, if it contacts them, the player is treated to a comical rhythm game at their expense.

High Jump
Luminous Illusion
Standard fare auto combo.

Merry Turn
A short range hurricane kick like attack.

Mindless Doll (Mimic Doll)
A double follows Lilith's movements in a delayed fashion.

Mindless Doll (Mirror Doll)
Like Morrigan's Astral Vision, a double that copies Lilith's movements and distance exactly appears on the opposite side of the opponent.

Mystic Arrow
A hop forward (distance based on attack strength) and grab attempt. Lilith fires the opponent from a bow.

Shining Blade
Morrigan's Shadow Blade with the other wing.

Soul Flash
A rather short range projectile.

Splendor Love
Lilith rises naked in a maelstrom of bats.

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