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Signature Moves
Coordinates Received
Lex starts with a short punching auto-combo, then inputs a sequence on his arm panel. A satellite is shown in space, firing a laser, which Lex catches above his head and lets collect into a massive sphere, then throws it at the opponent.

Corp Charge
Basic ramming attack.

Energy Shield
Lex gets one hit of super armor. If charged more, he also takes less damage and the shield lasts longer.

Gravity Mine
Lex tosses a mine on the ground, which zaps any foe that steps on it. Holding @term=backward@ or @term=forward@ as the move comes out will change where the mine lands.

I'm Smart
Lance Blast
Lex fires an energy blast from a staff. Charging makes it more powerful, but have less range. Full charge is unblockable.

Lex Probe
Lex tosses a ball into the air, which, after a few seconds, fires at the opponent.

Metal Basher
Downward shove that stuns, or if performed a second time, knocks down.

Orbital Strike
Lex points at the ground and a laser comes down from the sky to strike the foe.

Violent Foot Plant
Straight kick that knocks down.

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