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Signature Moves
Blood Mist Slice / 血煙曲舞
Swirling attack just like Dance of the Demon, but executed during a normal jump.

Dance of Fire / 火炎曲舞
Kyoshiro spits a steady burst of flame.

Flesh Flail Dance of Kyoshiro
Kyoshiro spins extra fast with controllable left/right movement. If he hits the opponent he accelerates further before slashing them away.

Flying Lion's Tail / 跳尾獅子
Using his naginata for leverage, Kyoshiro makes a massive kick forward.

Kabuki Swirl / 風裂扇
Standard projectile in the form of a flaming fan.

Swirling Dance of the Demon / 回天曲舞
Kyoshiro makes a highly vertical and slightly forward leap while twirling his blade.

Toy Transformation
Kyoshiro's SD transform.

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