Clark Steel (King of Fighters 2006, The) says...
Fio: Wow! You kinda look like Tarma!
Clark: Huh?
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Signature Moves
Doro Nage / 泥投げ
Gedo throws a ball of poo at the opponent, becoming extremely pleased with himself afterwards.

Evil Spirit Summons / Akuryou Yobi, 悪霊呼び
Gedo freaks out and slaps the ground, summoning hands at the opponent's location to hold them still.

Flesh Raiser / Niku Mochiage, 肉持ち上げ
Gedo lifts up his gut and slides forward, evading low and mid attacks.

Flying Head Butt / Tobi Zutsuki, 飛び頭突き
Gedo launches his head from his body, it flies out and returns like a boomerang.

Gastrorrhea / Ieki Haki, 胃液吐き
Gedo vomits on the ground.

Gedo no Banzan / 外道の晩餐
Gedo rolls towards his opponent, grabs them, then engages in a feast too horrible to show onscreen. He returns, regurgitates their skull, and blushes. Japanese text accompanies the act.

Heretic Brand / Gedo no Rakuin Oshi, 外道の烙印押し
Command grab into jumping knee drop.

Heretic Hunt / Gedo no Emono Gari, 外道の獲物狩り
Super version of Heretic Brand, an even bigger pain to execute.

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