Kim Kaphwan (King of Fighters 2006, The) says...
Lim: The honor is mine.
Kim: Very well. Show me what you got.
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Signature Moves
Exploding Dance Drubbing / 黒子爆舞腕
Upon being slashed, Kuroko splits in two. After a moment his torso explodes and his real torso sprouts from his legs.

Exploding Dance Kickfest / 黒子爆舞脚
Upon being slashed, Kuroko splits in two. After a moment his legs explode and his torso sprouts new legs.

Fake Blade Slam / 黒子偽刃投
If Kuroko wins a weapon clash with this technique, the opponent's weapon will be split into two copies, one of which is fake.

Flag Flinger
Kuroko chucks his flags, which spin toward the opponent in a circular motion. This leaves Kuroko weaponless and he must retrieve the flags.

Satanic Saturnalia / Kuroko Ranbu, 黒子乱舞
Kuroko's Ryoku Ranbu.

Slick's Conquering Crunch / 黒子八極弾 覇王翔吼拳
Kuroko's Eight Great Shots: Haoh Sho Ko Ken! Kuroko launches the trademark giant fireball of Kyokugen Karate.

Super Satanic Saturnalia / Kuroko Great Ranbu, 黒子大乱舞
A longer Ryoko Ranbu, Kuroko has to pause for a breather halfway through the beating.

Kuroko poses with both flags out and warps to an undisclosed location.

Toy Transformation
Kuroko's SD transformation.

White Flag Wallop / 黒子白旗陣
A wide slash that reflects projectiles but doesn't hit in and of itself.

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