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Mortal Kombat (2011)
Throw Moves
Whirl Reversal +
Lao grabs his opponent and spins, tossing them on the opposite side.
Whirl Spin
Lao grabs his foe and spins around, then tosses them.
Command Moves
Torpedo Kick / Air Dive Kick, Dive Kick +(in air)
Lao dives down from above with a devastating kick.
Hat Swipe +
Lao takes off his hat and swipes it downward.
Rolling Thunder +
Rolling heel strike.
Special Moves
Hat Throw / Hat Toss [Preview]
Ground Hat / Low Grinder
Lao tosses his hat downward and it rolls along the ground.
Whirlwind / Spin [Preview]
Wind Teleport / Teleport [Preview]
Super Moves
Fist of Shaolin ++
Lao starts out by nailing his opponent with a Spin, then grabs them and strikes a shuto (chop) to th ...
Fatal Moves
Hat Trick
Lao tosses his hat past the opponent, which boomerangs back and decapitates the foe before he catche ...

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