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Signature Moves
Fetch Hat
Lao tosses his hat and a dog chases after it. After the dog runs offscreen, Lao recoils and screams, then hangs his head and shakes it, leaving us speculate the canine's grisly fate.

Hat Boomerang
Lao tosses his hat, which slices off the opponent's head, top torso, and then legs while boomeranging back and forth.

Hat Throw / Hat Toss
Kung Lao whips his razor-brimmed hat at the foe.

Leopard Massacre
Lao transforms into a leopard and mauls his opponent.

Magician's Trick
Lao pulls a white rabbit from his hat.

Precision Hat
Lao tosses his hat at his opponent. If the player steers the hat toward the opponent's neck with the joystick, the opponent will be decapitated by the hat.

Torpedo Kick / Air Dive Kick, Dive Kick
Lao dives down from above with a devastating kick.

Vacuum Whirlwind
Lao spins fasts enough to draw the opponent toward him, slicing them up.

Whirlwind / Spin
Lao places his hands in a praying position, and he spins like a top. Opponent contact with Lao during this move is equivalent to being struck with an uppercut.

Wind Teleport / Teleport
Lao teleports behind his foe.

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