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Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Command Moves
Torpedo Kick / Air Dive Kick, Dive Kick ,+
Lao dives down from above with a devastating kick.
Special Moves
Hat Throw / Hat Toss [Preview]
Double Teleport
Lao teleports behind his opponent and then back to his original position.
Wind Teleport / Teleport [Preview]
Whirlwind / Spin , [Preview]
[Classic Kung Lao] ,
[Classic Kung Lao only] Flying Shaolin Monk
Lao stretches out vertically and rushes in mid-air toward the opponent, striking the opponent with h ...
Fatal Moves
Hat Boomerang (near) [Preview]
Vacuum Whirlwind +++ [Preview]
Fetch Hat
Lao tosses his hat and a dog chases after it. After the dog runs offscreen, Lao recoils and screams, ...
Leopard Massacre (close)
Lao transforms into a leopard and mauls his opponent.
[Classic Kung Lao] Precision Hat (hold),(release)(far)
Lao tosses his hat at his opponent. If the player steers the hat toward the opponent's neck with the ...
[Classic Kung Lao] Magician's Trick
Lao pulls a white rabbit from his hat.

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