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Signature Moves
Combination A
Combination B1
Combination B2
Hits twice and rolls to the side

Destructo Disk / Kienzan, Energy Circle Beheading
Krillin creates a thin, flat blade of chi and hurls it at his opponent.

Krillin jumps forward and rolls. He can move past his enemy and avoid attacks with this maneuver.

Kamehameha / kamehameha Wave, Turtle Power Blast, Wind Wave
Krillin cups his to his side, then thrusts forward, shooting a large blast of ki.

Knee Drop
Krillin drops down on his foe, landing on them with his knee.

Scatter Blast
Krillin sprays an upward ki blast that falls down to earth in an arc pattern. The ki stays on the ground for short time, damaging foes who touch it and nullifying enemy projectiles.

Solar Flare
Krillin blinds his foe with a flash of light

Super Destructo Disk / Renzoku Kienzan
Krillin throws 10 Destructo Disks in rapid succession. Becomes unblockable when fully charged.

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