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Signature Moves
Blitz Ball
Krauser throws a fireball high with @term=anypunch@ or low with @term=anykick@.

Death Hammer
Krauser swings and strikes the ground. Hits overhead.

Gigantic Cyclone
Krauser traps the opponent in a whirlwind generated by his virile spinning clothesline.

Kaiser Body Press
A body splash (only during high jump).

Kaiser Wave
Krauser charges with arms outstretched, then unleashes a massive wave of energy.

Knee Smasher
Krauser pulls his opponent in for a knee to the gut.

Leg Tomahawk
Krauser leaps forward in a broad arc, swinging his leg.

Unlimited Desire
Krauser takes a page from Geese's book with the Deadly Rave, causing a royal pain for everyone involved. Requires strict timing of each button press just as the previous attack hits.

Unlimited Desire Ender 1
Ends with an anticlimactic strong punch.

Unlimited Desire Ender 2
Gigatec Cyclone finisher.

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