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Signature Moves
Deadly Lips
Kitana removes her mask and presses her lips to the opponent's cheek. The opponent's body inflates slowly and eventually detonates.

Fan Decapitation
Kitana swipes her fan at her foe's neck and severs their head from their shoulders.

Fan Lift / Upraise
Spinning her fan, Kitana creates a vortex that levitates her foe.

Fan Strike
Kitana smacks her foe with her fan.

Fan Swipe / Fan Slice
Kitana swipes out with her fan horizontally.

Fan Throw / Ground Fan, Bladed Fans, Fan Toss
Kitana flings a fan at her foe.

Pixie Dust Teleport / Mystical Teleportation
Kitana disappears in a puff of blue smoke and reappears behind her opponent.

Pretty Kick
Turning kick attack.

Square Boost
Kitana uses her fans to send her flying across the arena, smashing into the foe with her ass.

Square Wave Punch / Square Wave Assault
Kitana leaps into the air and dashes forward slightly with a punch before returning to the ground.

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