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Signature Moves
Cook Kirby
Donning a chef's hat, Kirby summons a large pot. He clangs a spatula and pan together, which causes all enemies, items, and projectiles within a distance to be sent into the pot. Kirby stirs the mixture in the pot with a wooden spoon and salts it, then poses. The enemies then rocket out of the pot, tallying up major damage. If any non-enemy entities are sucked into the pot, a number of items equal to these are also thrown out of the pot.

Final Cutter
Kirby leaps upward with a scimitar, then comes back down to strike the ground with it, creating a shockwave that moves in the direction he's facing.

Kirby pulls out a hammer and strikes horizontally. The move has different effects in the air depending on the game. In Melee, Kirby spins with it vertically, hitting any foes near him no matter the position. In Brawl, he swings it horizontally like on the ground, but does it twice and it is caught on fire.

Kirby opens his mouth wide and sucks in air. If a foe is close enough, he will inhale the enemy right into his mouth. Pressing @term=bbtn@ again will spit the opponent out; pressing @term=down@ will make Kirby swallow the opponent, which although releases them from his mouth, will also change his appearance to display traits from said enemy; he will also gain the ability to use their @term=bbtn@ move in place of Inhale. Taunting will expel the opponent's moves and allow Kirby to inhale again.

Kirby turns into a stone block, leaving him imprevious to damage for a short time. Using it in the air causes Kirby to drop straight down quickly, causing damage to underlying foes. In Melee and Brawl, he can turn into additional shapes, including a spiked ball, 100-ton weight, Thwomp (from Super Mario Bros.), or a garbage block from Panel de Pon. In Brawl, performing it on the ground pushes immediate nearby foes away a bit.

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