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Signature Moves
Guren Senpuukyaku
Ken sends his opponent to the edge of the screen with a Flaming Hurricane Kick, kicks up the opponent, and finishes them with a flaming kick in the air.

Hadoken / Fireball, 波動拳
Ken's utterly unspectacular projectile.

Hell Wheel / Jigoku Sha, 地獄車
Ken's variant of the Tomoe Nage sees him take the opponent for a full somersault before kicking them away. This move was the first real difference between Ken and Ryu.

Inazuma Kakato Wari / 稲妻かかと割り
Holding the Kick button down when executing any funky kick turns it into an overhead axe kick.

Seoi Nage / Flying Mare, 背負い投げ
Ken uses the same over-the-shoulder throw as Ryu.

Shippu Jinraikyaku
Ken turns about 5 roundhouse kicks, and if the fifth hits blends his opponent with a rising hurricane kick.

Shoryuken / Dragon Punch, 昇龍拳
Ansatsuken's trademark leaping uppercut. Ken's fierce Shoryukens first caught fire in Super SF2.

Shoryureppa / 昇龍裂破
Repeated Shoryukens.

Target Combo
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku / Hurricane Kick, 竜巻旋風脚
Ken rotates forward with foot outstretched.

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