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Signature Moves
Demon God Fist
Stepping purple energy jab. Follows up with a Shoryuken-like move when EX'd.

Uppercut followed by straight punch.

Devil Beam
Kazuya starts with two Demon God Fists followed by a Demon God uppercut to knock the foe into the air. Ethereal wings appear on his back, and he fires an eyebeam at the foe.

Dragon Uppercut
Leaping electric uppercut.

Mist Step
Crouching dash with follow-up options.

Rising Sun
Leaping spinkick with follow-up options if the @term=3kick@ or EX version is used. Additional kicks are also supplied depending on button strength.

Rising Uppercut
Quick-standing electric uppercut.

Slaughter High Kick
Uppercut followed by high turn kick.

Slaughter Hook
Uppercut followed by overhead punch.

Spinning Demon Hook
Punch attack to follow Spinning Demon.

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