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Signature Moves
Cannonball / Black Dragon Ball, Kano Ball, Ball
Kano rolls into a ball, launching himself at the opponent.

Kano lifts his opponent up and shakes them. In MK2011 he takes them to the ground and strangles them.

Eye Laser
Kano fires a laser from his cybernetic eye.

Kano fires a laser from his cybernetic eye at the foe, causing them to explode.

Kano strikes his foe with his forehead.

Knife Swipe
Kano draws a blade and slashes it at an upward angle.

Knife Toss / Knife Throw
Kano draws a blade and tosses it in a swirling motion toward his foe.

Long Toss
Kano lifts up his foe and tosses them away from him.

Skeleton Rip
Kano rips his opponent's skeleton out from his or her mouth.

Vertical Cannonball / Up Ball, Kano Up Ball
Kano performs a diagonally vertical cannonball attack.

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