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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3
Command Moves
Midair Roundhouse Kick (in air)+
Kakuzu strikes in all directions with his sinews.
[Shinzo Mode] Lightning Style: False Darkness /+
Lighting blasts across the screen.
[Shinzo Mode] Fire Style: Searing Migraine +
Fire blast across the ground. Massive range.
[Shinzo Mode] Wind Style: Pressure Damage +
Kakuzu blasts air at the foe.
String Move
Multi-Style Attack (in air)
Earth Rising Arm ,+
Two hit punch combo, then Kakuzu shoves his hands into the ground, punching the opponent repeatedly ...
Destructive Rising Arm
Stretching punch combo.
Earth Collapse Attack +
Kakuzu punches the ground twice, causing the earth to shatter and fly up.
Crushing Blow +
Punch, jumping air sweep punch, and another punch.
Ash Neck +
Double uppercut followed by a double hammer punch that ends in a double stretching uppercut.
Special Moves
Shinzo Mode
Kakuzu's sinew form a large mass on his back, exposing his animal masks.
Super Moves
Earth Grudge
Kakuzu leaps up and blasts the foe with a massive wad of sinew.
Trinity Attack
Kakuzu's sinew forms bodies for each of his animal masks, and they fire beams of their respective el ...

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