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Signature Moves
A Thousand Years of Death / Hidden Leaf Village Secret Finger Jutsu: One Thousand Years of Death, Sennen Goroshi
Kakashi teleports behind his opponent and rams a kunai into their ass, sending them flying into the air.

Kakashi pulls up his headband and uses his Sharingan to create a vortex which batters the opponent. The non-Mangekyo version sucks the opponent - and the land mass surrounding them - into the vortex.

Lightning Blade
Kakashi rushes forward and strikes with a lightning-engulfed hand.

Lightning Blade: Flash
A quick, unchargable, and weaker version of the Lightning Blade.

Mangekyo Sharingan Mode
Kakashi activates his "Mangekyo" Sharingan, which makes him speedier and changes up a few of his attacks.

Ninja Hound Summoning
Kakashi summons his Ninja Hound, which attacks the opponent with a launching upward strike, followed by a leaping upward strike from the other side.

Original Move
Kakashi coats his hand in electricity (his Lightning Blade technique) and strikes the foe with it. If this sequence is successful, he then performs a leaping Lightning Blade. If this sequence is successful, he covers both hands in electricity, knocking the foe into the air with one Lightning Blade, and then leaping and knocking them down again with one using the other hand.

Slamming a scroll into the ground, Kakashi summons two dogs that strike the opponent. A giant bulldog then appears and attacks the opponent with a double-bladed sword in its mouth. If this sequence is successful, he summons an entire pack of dogs, which latch onto and attack the foe.

Summoning Earth Style: Fanged Pursuit Jutsu / Kuchiyose: Doton: Tsuiga no Jutsu
Kakashi hits his opponent, dizzying them. He then summons a giant bulldog, which holds the opponent as Kakashi starts an auto-combo that knocks the opponent away.

Understanding of a Shinobi
The opponent attempts to attack Kakashi, but he simply dodges whilst reading his smutty book. After a whiff, Kakashi pokes his opponent's ass with his index fingers, sending them soaring into the air, and back down again. If this sequence is successful, Kakashi tunnels underground and pulls the opponent under the soil up to their head - his "Headhunter Jutsu", then proceeds to lift his headband, using his Sharingan eye to temporarily copy his opponent's normal and special moves (certain characters' special moves are unavailable to him, however).

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