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Signature Moves
Kabal pulls out a marshmallow and sticks it on his hooksword, then roasts it over an open fire.

Ground Saw / Buzzsaw
Kabal summons a sawblade on the ground.

Hook 'Em
Kabal shoves his foe, then digs his hookswords into them, slamming them.

Hook Slice
Kabal kicks his opponent into the air and cuts them in half at the waist with his hooksword, as they come back down.

Nomad's Touch
Kabal holds out his hands, and the opponent catapults toward him, taking damage upon impact.

Plasma Blast / Gas Blast
Kabal fires a purple ball of energy from his mask.

Raging Flash / Nomad Dash
Kabal dashes at the opponent and leaves them spinning in place.

Kabal uses his respirator to inflate the opponent's head. They then sail up and off the top of the screen. Blood and bones then rain down.

Soul Scare
Kabal takes off his mask and screams at the screen, showing his hideous visage. He then turns and screams at the opponent; their soul, represented by a whitish, translucent version of his or herself, runs out of their body.

Spin Cycle
Kabal kicks the opponent, which causes them to spin. He then slices through them vertically with a hooksword, causing them to slice apart into many pieces.

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