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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3
Command Moves
Deep Impact (in air)+
Falling double hammer punch with a massive shockwave.
Twister +
One giant-armed lariat.
Splatter Mountain +
Jugo jabs his foe in the gut and runs a bit, then flings them off. If he hits a wall, he strikes the ...
Heavy-Go-Round +,
Grab by the gut and slam on the other side, then uppercut into the air.
[Seal Mode] Earth Shaker +
Jugo strikes the ground on either side of him, knocking the foe into the air.
[Seal Mode] Twister Shot +
Juggling outward arm thrust.
String Move
Dante's Peak (in air)
Quake Down
Combo ending in a gut punch-to-lift, and punch away.
Dead Coaster ,+
Combo ending with a grab by the head, drag across the opposite side of the screen, and a throw.
Special Moves
Seal Mode
Jugo fully transforms into his Curse Mark form, increasing his power and changing a few of his moves ...
Super Moves
Pile Hammer ,
Jugo loads his pile driver arm and performs a leaping strike.
Smash Hatchet ,
Multiple strikes with mutated arms.
Curse Mark: Killing Shout ,,
Jugo leaps into the air and loads up his pile driver arm, then slams the opponent to the ground with ...
[Seal Mode] Gamma Libra ,
Jugo grabs his foe by the leg and runs a bit, then slams them multiple times on either side of him b ...

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