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Signature Moves
Geyser Thrust / Suigetsu Toh, 喝咄 水月刀
Jubei sends a wave of energy at his foe.

Mind's Eye Sabre / Yagyu Shingatoh, 柳生 心眼刀
Jubei's counter techniques. The variations are referred to individually as Reflecting Mind's Eye Sabre, Mind's Eye Sabre of Mutual Destruction, and Raging Heaven's Mind's Eye Sabre.

Moonbeam Slicer / Zetsu Suigetsutoh, 絶 水月刀
A vertical geyser blast.

Sabre Thrash / Hasso Happa, 八相発破
This two-handed heretic of the sword goes at it like a wildman.

Toy Transformation / ぬいぐるみ
Jubei's SD transform.

Tsunami Sabre / Nikkaku Ratoh, ニッ角羅刀
A shoulder charge followed by rising slash.

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