Majin Vegeta (DragonBall Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3) says...
I'm Vegeta! Prince of all Saiyans!
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Signature Moves
Eclipse Kick
A faster, red-trailing version of the Shadow Kick.

A shadow-trailed flipping kick attack.

High Forceball
Johnny lobs a Forceball that has a higher arc.

Low Forceball / Forceball, Plasmic Fireball
Johnny lobs a trailing energy sphere at the opponent in a slight arc.

Johnny channels some ki into his fist as he performs his Nut Punch.

Shadow Kick
Johnny slides forward with a kick, trailed by green shadows.

Splits Punch / Nutcracker, Nut Punch
While performing the splits, Johnny punches out at the opponents crotch.

To My Best Fan
Johnny autographs a photo of himself and throws it at the screen.

Torso Rip
Johnny tears his opponent's upper torso from the rest of their body, then forcefully slams it behind him on the ground.

Uppercut Decapitation
Johnny Cage crouches in front of his foe and stands quickly, delivering a powerful rising uppercut that knocks the opponent's head off.

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