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Guilty Gear XX #Reload
Special Moves
Ensenga (in air)+
A flaming sword slash.
Aerial Divine Blade (in air)+
A flaming downward punch.
Divine Blade +,
Johnny leaps forward, then punches downward.
Baccus Sigh +
Johnny emits a cloud of smoke. If it contacts the enemy, it makes his Mist Finer unblockable for a ...
Glitter is Gold +
Johnny tosses a small coin. If it connects with the enemy, his Mist Finer is upgraded.
Mist Finer +//
Cancel Pose
Johnny aborts the Mist Finer.
Move Right /,
Johnny inches or steps forward while posing.
Move Backward /,
Johnny inches or steps back while posing.
Super Moves
"That's MINE" +
Johnny slashes vertically, on contact he carves and explosive J into his opponent.
Fatal Moves
Joker Trick +
Johnny tosses a card which renders his opponent as the "Joker" playing card. He promptly slashes th ...

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