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Signature Moves
Bakuretsu Ken / 爆裂拳, TNT Punch
Joe flurries punches.

Exploding Hurricane Tiger Heel (SDM)
An even lengthier string of attacks with a Tiger Kick into Golden Heel finish and a few hurricane uppers thrown in for good measure.

Golden Heel Hurter
Joe leaps forward and snaps his heel down.

Hiza Jigoku / ひざ地獄, Knee Inferno
Hurricane Upper / ハリケーンアッパー
Joe uppercuts one or two hurricanes at his enemy.

Leg Throw / レッグスルー
Screw Upper
Joe uppercuts out a big red hurricane.

Screw Upper / スクリューアッパー
Joe uppercuts out a big red hurricane.

Slash Kick / スラッシュキック
A flying slashing kick.

Tiger Kick / タイガーキック
Joe's signature rising energy knee. More horizontal in original Fatal Fury.

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