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Signature Moves
Bring Down the House Jutsu
Jiraiya summons a giant toad, which falls on top of the foe, crushing him or her.

Giant Toad Drop
Same as the Toad Drop, but with a much larger toad.

Kebari Senbon
Standard two-hit combo followed by a stumble, and firing off a massive amount of hair needles.

Ninja Art Summoning: Bring Down the House
Jiraiya summons a giant toad with twin swords strapped to its back (Gamahiro), which falls on top of the foe, crushing him or her.

Ninja Art: Needle Jizo
Jiraiya's hair grows into a large blanket-like state, and he hits the foe with it whilst turning. Once he returns to his original position, he covers himself with the hair and causes it to sprout out in large, sharp points.

Sage Mode
Jiraiya transforms into his Sage Mode, gaining two frogs on his shoulders (Fukasaku and Shima) and changing up a few of his moves.

Toad Bullet
Jiraiya leaps into the air and summons a large toad, which fires a blast of water downward diagonally.

Toad Flame Bombs
Jiraiya spits a stream of flame at an upward angle, and the toads spit large fireballs.

Ultra Giant Rasengan
Standard version: Jiraya creates a giant ball of Chakra and dashes forward, slamming it into the foe. Chargeable.

Level 1+ version: Jiraya transforms into his Sage Mode, leaps into the air, and creates a massive Rasengan and crashes it into the foe.

Water Tongue Battle Slash
Fukusaku spits a steady stream of water at a slight upward angle.

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