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Signature Moves
Blodia Punch
Jin throws a single big punch forward, followed up by his mech Blodia.

Blodia Vulcan
Jin snaps his fingers and leaps offscreen to his mech. He begins to shower the screen with shells, and you're treated to a momentary "gunner's eye" view from inside Blodia.

Saotome Crush
A blockable diving tackle attempt. On hit, Jin will drag the opponent around all four corners of the screen.

Saotome Cyclone
A version of the Saotome Typhoon with more vertical reach, but moves much slower horizontally.

Saotome Dynamite
Jin expels force outward in all directions, blasting his armor off along with it.

Saotome Fire
Jin scrubs his back with such intense vigor that he bursts into flame.

Saotome Shine
When Jin is the last surviving member of his team and his life is low, he automatically gains super armor and increased damage output.

Saotome Typhoon
Jin spins wildly across the screen in a huge tornado.

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