Chun-Li (X-Men vs Street Fighter) says...
We can't be defeated. Forget it!
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Basic Moves
Water of Life
Water coats Aquaman's body for a short time, making it easier for him to slip out of combos.
Special Moves
Trident Toss +
Aquaman flings his trident.
Trident Scoop +
Aquaman uses his trident to flip the opponent overhead.
From The Deep
Aquaman thrusts his trident into the ground and summons it below the foe.
Water Shield +(hold)
Aquaman thrusts his trident into the ground and is surrounded by water, which gives him super armor ...
Trident Rush +
Aquaman jabs his trident rapidly.
Super Moves
Atlantean Rage +
Aquaman slams his trident into the ground, causing the arena to flood. He takes a leaping stab at th ...

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