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Signature Moves
Crossroads Cut
Jade run past her opponent and strikes them with her staff. She stops a short distance on the other side of them and looks back, as the foe's torsos seperate.

Dodging Shadows / Shadow Flash
Jade becomes temporarily immune to projectiles.

Head Kebob
Jade thrusts her staff through the opponent's temples. She then flips over the staff and yanks on it, pulling the head off.

Low Razor-Rang
Jade throws a Razor-Rang that curves on a downward trajectory.

Pogo Staff
Jade utilizes her staff as a pogo stick.

Razor-Rang / Boomerang
Jade flings a bladed projectile at the foe. In UMK3/Trilogy, @term=highpunch@ throws one that has an upward curve in its trajectory, whereas @term=lowpunch@ throws one straight.

Shadow Kick / Blazing Nitro Kick
A glowing, sliding kick.

Staff Shake
Jade grabs her foe with her staff and rapidly shakes it until they explode.

Staff Skewer
Jade uppercuts her opponent, and they land horizontally on her staff, stabbing them through the abdomen.

Vanishing Winds
Jade disappears in a puff of green smoke and reappears behind her opponent.

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