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Signature Moves
Crazy Escape
With controls neutral, left, or right, Jack will tunnel into the ground and emerge in the indicated direction. While holding down, Jack flips in the air.

Iron Crawl
Jack drops prone, then crawls forward by wheeling his claws around.

Jaws Attack
Jack drills into the ground and moves forward with only his knife-claw exposed.

Knee Smasher
A forward diving attack with a hidden knee-blade. With full HERO meter Jack spins for more hits.

Lightning Rod
Jack is struck with lightning and several bolts travel across the bottom of the screen in both directions. With full HERO meter, bolts will also travel upwards diagonally in both directions.

Mixer Crush
A leap forward with claws extended downwards. On hit or block Jack will spin for several hits and then hop back.

Triangle Jump

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