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Signature Moves
Ankle Biter
A quick trip.
Axe Murderer
Blizzard Kicks
Bloody Guillotine
Hwoarang jumps and does the splits then kicks down, no problem.
Cheap Shot Snap Kick
A lengthy straight kick.
Crescent Kick
Hwoarang swings his leg back for a second kick.
Eruption to Left Flamingo
Falcon Dice Kick
Grand Theft
Home Surgery
Hot Feet
Left Kick Combo
Three Left Kicks (H,M,M).
Left Kick Combo low
A low left kick, can follow with Left Kick Combo extensions.
Left Kicks
Two left kicks, can follow with Left Kick Combo extensions.
Left Right to Left Flamingo
Left Right to Right Flamingo
Machine Gun Kicks
A launching high kick.
Nose Bleeder
Hwoarang kicks out at the face, switch to [RFF]
One Two Punch
Overhead Kick
Hwoarang bicycle kicks his opponent like a soccer ball if he strikes them while airborne.
Jumping roundhouse ender
Mid kick
Right Jab
High right jab, follow with One Two Punch extensions.
Spinning Trip Kick
Sweep Kick
to Left Flamingo
Cancels third kick into Left Flamingo.
to Right Hook Kick
High right kick. Ends in Right Flamingo.
Torpedo Kick
Hwoarang rockets his leg out, passing through his opponent on hit, and recovering w/ back turned otherwise.
Total Outrage
A right high kick, then mid kick. Ends in Right Foot Forward.

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