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Signature Moves
Air Control
Huitzil has significant hovering ability. Air dash is always available. Darkstalkers: Huitzil automatically pauses in mid-air. Holding left or right will cause him to drop in that direction once the pause ends. Night Warriors: In addition to the left/right control in Darkstalkers, Huitzil can now end his jump at any time in any down direction. Savior 2: Holding @term=up@ in the air allows you to stay in place for several seconds, even attacking several times. Automatic hovering is gone. Hunter 2: Same as Night Warriors.

Air Dash
Circuit Scrapper
Crouch Walk
Genocide Vulcan
Huitzil emits a tracer beam upwards at a 45 degree angle. If it hits, he unloads with gatling guns.

Magnet Slam
Might Launcher
Huitzil props up and launches a small exploding missile.

Plasma Beam
A freezing beam. @term=anypunch@ fires high, @term=anykick@ fires low.

Reflect Wall
Sky Capture

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