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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3
Command Moves
Tathāgata (in air)+
Diagonal rolling dive
Submerged Hand +,
Hiruko stick his tail in the ground and it comes back out to strike the foe, then curl around for a ...
Silla +
Fullscreen tail stretch strike.
Ruffian +
Hiruko blocks an attack with his tail, then retaliates with a pop-up tail strike.
String Move
Double Saying (in air)
Heavenly Illusion ,+
Hiruko's tail goes into the ground and comes up near the foe, striking multiple times.
Existing Sentiment +,
Ruffian without the need for counter.
Special Moves
Ultimate Mode
Increases Hiruko's speed.
Super Moves
A Thousand Joyful Arms ,
Hiruko fires off one of his arms, and upon striking the foe, it flies into the air and fires a bunch ...
Octo Needle Waves ,
Hiruko fires 40 waves of needles at the opponent.
Abilities Unleashed ,,
Increases Hiruko's strength and speed temporarily.

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