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Signature Moves
Hawk's Talon Dropping / 華中鷹爪激, Kachuu Taka Tsume Geki
Lee takes to the air with talons aimed at his opponent's head.

Hisho Senpuu Geki / 飛翔旋風撃, Flying Whirlwind Attack
Hyakuretsu Ken / 百裂拳, The Hundred Blows of Hurt
Lee does some punching and if they strike, he punches a lot more.

Hyakuretsu Senpuu Kyaku / 百烈旋風脚, The Hundred Whirlwind Kick
Lee kicks out with energy on his foot, then kicks some more in the opponents face.

Kachuu Hien Sou / 華中飛猿爪, Flying Monkey Claw
Kachuu Mowan Kyaku / 華中猛腕脚, Fanblade Kick
Kuchuu Head Scissors / 空中ヘッドシザース
Shinku Kuten Sou / 真空空転爪, Super Talon Slice
Sori Kaeri Nage / そり返り投げ, Arching Leg Throw

Tetsu No Tsume / 鉄の爪, Iron Talon Slice
Lee rotates rapidly with claws outstretched.

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