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Signature Moves
A quick low slide behind the opponent and a sharp jab at their back.

Cross Cutter
An X-shaped projectile of cutting power.

Final Bringer
Heidern leaps at the opponent similar to Neck Rolling, but then executes an improved Storm Bringer.

Heidern End
Focusing a blade of energy on his hand, Heidern dashes across the screen to stab his opponent in the gut. They hang suspended for a moment before Heidern exclaims "Go to hell!" and explodes them.

Heidern Inferno
Heidern mounts his opponent in midair and rides them to the ground. Based on Kinnikuman Zebra's Muscle Inferno.

Killing Bringer
Heidern strikes a pose and if struck launches the opponent into the air and impales them on his arm, sucking their life.

Lead Belcher
Heidern slams his enemy to the ground then stabs them with his hand.

Moon Slasher
Heidern slashes his arm in a moon-like circle.

Neck Rolling
A high acrobatic leap at the opponent, Heidern grabs their neck and quickly spins causing massive blood loss.

Storm Bringer
A command grab where Heidern drains the very life from the opponent, adding it to his own.

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