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Signature Moves
Crescent Moon Slash / Kogetsu Zan, 奥義 旋風裂斬
A windmill slash, rising into the air.

Cyclone Slash / Senpu Retsusan, 奥義 弧月斬
Haohmaru emits a small cyclone from his blade. On contact, it sends the opponent flying into th eair.

Earthquake Slice / Ougi Resshin Zan, 奥義 烈震斬
Haohmaru jumps forward, coming down hard with a blade slam.

Heaven Constraint Blast / Tenpa Fuujin Zan, 秘奥義 天覇封神斬
A secret technique, Haohmaru does several Crescent Slashes in a row.

Rice Wine Whack / 酒攻撃
Haohmaru lashes out with his sake bottle. Deflects projectiles.

SD Transform
Secret Cyclone Slash / 奥偽 旋風裂斬
Haohmaru fakes his whirlwind projectile.

Secret Move / 奥義 天覇凄煌斬
Haohmaru unleashes a massive energy slash.

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