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Signature Moves
Double Jump / 二段飛びの術
A second jump in mid-air.

Double Rekko Zan / 大武流烈光斬
Two shurikens thrown together form one projectile for wider coverage.

Izuna Slash / イヅナ斬り
Drops straight down, brandishing his ninjato.

Koh Ryu Ha / 光龍破
A flying uppercut, the image of a dragon coils around Hanzou's body.

MijinKakure-no Jutsu / 微塵隠れの術
With this technique, Hanzou is capable of teleporting to almost any point on the screen.

Ninja Leg Lariat / 疾風燕落とし
A leaping roundhouse kick.

Ninpo Koh Rin Kazan / 忍法光輪渦斬
Hanzou becomes a human pinwheel and flies through the air horizontally.

Rekko Zan / 烈光斬
Shuriken-shaped standard projectile.

Slice the Shimmering Light / 伊賀忍法奥義 梵天閃光陣
Hanzou dives at his opponent from the wall, then teleports around while slicing repeatedly. His actions cause ninjitsu-related characters to appear.

The Hayate Tricks / 疾風の術
Hanzou immediately cancels out of any normal attack with a short pose. Can be used while crouching as well.

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