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Signature Moves
Ninja Exploding Dragon Blast / Bakuen Ryu, 忍法爆炎龍
Hanzo punches the ground, sending a rolling burst of flame at his foe.

Ninja Multiplier / Kage Bunshin, 忍法影分身
Hanzo splits into multiple shadows, the real one determined by button press. The illusion is broken when Hanzo attacks or is hit.

Ninja Teleportation / Utsusemi Chizan, 忍法うつせみ地斬
Hanzo's body is replaced with a decoy log as the real thing drops down from above for a stab.

Ninja Teleportation Jig / Utsusemi Tenbu, 忍法うつせみ天舞
Essentially Ninja Teleportation without the prerequisite of being hit.

Ninja Windsplitter / New Reppushuriken, 烈風手裏剣改
Aerial shuriken throw.

Reppu Shuriken / 烈風手裏剣
Straightforward projectile.

Shrike Dash / Mozu Otoshi, モズ落し
Leaping ninja piledriver.

Squeeze of Heaven / Temma Rimetsu, 忍法天魔覆滅
Hanzo drives his blade into the earth and creates a pillar of fire.

Stealth / Kage Mai, 忍法影舞
Hanzo turns invisible.

Triangle Jump

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